Guide: How to choose the best Hand Sanitizer

As mentioned in the best rated and best selling hand sanitizers, there’s quite a few factors to consider when choosing the best and most effective hand sanitizer. Here’s a practical guide explaining what to look for.

Hand sanitizers come in bulk or singular. Some are hand wash, others are gel or spray.

What to consider when choosing a good hand sanitizer

Spray or gel: Consider the type and texture that best fits your preference. Gel is generally more used, but a spray can be useful, especially for travel.

Soap / Hand Wash: Another way to sanitize your hands is by hand soap. Here you need to lather first, then rinse. This is just as effective as a gel, but you need water to rinse, so soaps are less suited for travel and applying quickly.

Size: Consider what bottle or container size best suits your need. Smaller containers are great for travel or storing in small cabinets. Largers containers naturally last longer and are more affordable per fluid ounce.

Alcohol type: Consider if you prefer medicinal or plant-based alcohol. Some skins might be sensitive to certain types. See drug facts.

Sensitive skin: Read user reviews to see if users complain about sensitive skin problem with a certain hand sanitizers.

Ingredients & directions: Check Drug Facts for ingredients and directions.

Look at Drug Facts for information about active ingredients and how to apply the hand sanitizer.

Fragrance: Some sprays come with a certain fragrance, others are unscented.

Color-, paranem-, GMO-, gluten-, glycol-, phtalate-free: According to your preference, many products are free of specific ingredients such as allergens.

Bulk purchase: If you are buying for a large family, office or business, bulk purchases are more affordable in the long run. Some brands ship 4,6 or 12 containers in one.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Some brands offer a “Satisfaction Guarantee”, where you can be provided with a reimbursement within 1-2 months of purchase.

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