12 things you can clean with a pressure washer

Electric and gasoline powered pressure washers can be used for cleaning almost anything. Here’s a good list of inspiration for both home use and professional use.

Pressure washers can be used outdoors to clean almost any type of surface, like this garden fence.

12 most obvious things to clean with a pressure washer

  1. Your car: The vehicle as well as rims, wheels and undercarriage
  2. Boats and RVs
  3. Other vehicles and machines like bikes, lawn movers, trailers
  4. Outdoor furniture (both wood and plastic)
  5. Grills & BBQs. Make sure you don’t break anything!
  6. Fencing: both steel, plastic and wood
  7. Wood decks: Different decks and hardwood terraces
  8. Home exterior like wood siding, steel siding or brick, even plastic window frames and glass
  9. Driveway: Pavement, car driveways and concrete
  10. Stone: Different stone, tile, and marble
  11. Roofing, both tiles and plates
  12. Entrances: Patios, decks and walkways
There aren’t many types of surfaces a good pressure washer cannot clean. Pictured is a Simpson MSH3125

Types of dirt a pressure washer will remove

  • Mildew
  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Oil
  • Rotten surfaces (wood)

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