Guide: Basic T-shirt buying guide – what to look for (men’s edition)

Every man needs a basic tee to wear once in a while. Stylish and classic, a basic tee is something simple and comfortable for any occasion. From our collection of bestselling and best rated basic tees on Amazon, we have extracted these major qualities in a good, basic tee.

What makes for a great basic tee for men?

Cotton: Most basic T’s are 100% cotton, other have a blend. Blends are used for some color variations or to provide a more stretchy fit.

Thickness: Heavier fabrics are more durable, but thinner T-shirts are more comfortable to wear, and easier to fit within a shirt.

Crew or V-cut: Consider the cut you want on your tee. Crew cut (round) is the classic. V-cut is better for shirts.

Color: It is always nice to have a couple of colors to choose from in basic tees. Most basic tees come in 20-50 different colors.

Fit and style: Depending on your body shape and preference, a basic T comes in various fits; close fit, regular or roomy (also sometimes called “Beefy”).

A comfortable fit and durable fabric is important in a basic tee. It needs to hold over time. This is the Dixie Heavy, an American classic.

Quality: The quality of the sewing is an important factor in a basic tee. Check user reviews to make sure you are not buying something you can’t wear after 5 washings.

Shrinking: Some tees will shrink more than others. Best thing is to check user reviews to make sure this is not a problem for your basic t-shirt of choice.

Length: A common problem in many men’s t-shirts are length – more precisely, lack thereof. Check reviews to make sure this is not a problem with the product in question.

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