Guide: What Are “Bath Bombs” – and How to Pick Your Favorite Ones

Heard of so-called “bath bombs”? See the best bath bombs we found. They are ball-shaped and dry packs that you put directly in the bath water. The bath bomb will dissolve in minutes and add oils, scent and minerals to your bath – as well as color to the water. The outcome? You will get a fragrant, colorful bath, and your skin will be renourished, relaxed and softened.

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Bath bombs like these ones are put in the bath water and dissolves completely

What matters when choosing bath bombs

The way they look: Bath bombs come in bright colors and in many types of decorations. The balls add a special touch to your bathroom and your guests will notice.

Packaging: Most bath bombs comes in sets of 4, 6, 10 or 12. This makes them perfect for gifts. The way packaging looks matters because many will leave the package on the bathroom counter or on the edge of the tub.

Individual wrapping: If the bath bombs are individually wrapped they are more easily transported (for your vacations or trips) and will keep the scent longer. It’s also a lot less messy.

Size: Bath bombs are made in many sizes. It’s all a matter of preference. Most bath bombs are 2,5” (ping pong ball size) but some are up to 4,5” (tennis ball size). But don’t be fooled – the smaller ones can be just as effective. It can also depend on the size of your tub.

Oils: Read the specs to see what essential oils are packed in the bath bomb.

Fully dissolving: Check reviews to learn if the bombs dissolve completely in the water. Some of the brands are known to leave large chunks of the ball and never fully dissolve. This is quite messy and not very comfortable.

Many users prefer fully dissolving bath bombs – it’s just less messy.

Fragrance: Look for the scents – a big part of the experience. The reviews and specs will reveal a lot about whether the scents are artificial or natural.

Paraben free: Check if the bath bombs contain parabens. Most bath bombs don’t, but make sure. It’s not healthy.

Skin sensitivity: There can be potential skin sensitivity issues when using bath bombs because they contain so many different materials. Some very sensitive skins can react to the minerals, colors and oils. It’s not recommended to use bath bombs every day.

Made in America: Many users will appreciate locally made bath fizzies. The lack of quality control in overseas products will leave some users worried, since the bath bombs are so close to your skin.

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