Guide: Choosing the best Ant Killers & Bait for both Indoor and Outdoor use

It’s that time of the year: Ants are starting to build colonies in the home and around the garden. They’re everywhere!

From our collection of the Best Ant Killer & Bait for both indoor and outdoor use we gathered these important insights.

What to consider when choosing ant bait and ant killer solutions

Granule, gel or trap: Ant killers come in many shapes and sizes. Granules are mostly for outdoor use and perimeter control, whereas traps are effective for indoor use (some traps work great outdoors as well). Gel is also an option, if you want something that is hardly visible around the house.

These Ant Killer Stakes are for outdoor use

Effectiveness: Make sure that the ant killer is a known to be an effective killer of both ants and colonies. Check user reviews for good war stories from the home and garden. Check low-star reviews for problems with product effectiveness.

Time: Make sure the ant killer works and is preserved over time, so you won’t have to come back constantly and re-apply. Some products are only effective for a few days, others are still effective after months.

Not just ants: Most ant killers will also kill other bugs like roaches, flees and ticks. Check product specs to make sure that you get all your enemies taken care of in one swoop.

Storage and disposal: Some ant killers are toxic. Look at direction for storage and disposal to make sure the product is handled correctly.

Look at product specs for directions for use, storage and disposal. Shown: Insecticide spray.

Types of ants: Most ant killers are effective against various ant species such as sugar ants, fire ants, household ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants and argentine ants. Most products kill a range of species, others are especially designed for one type of ant.

A mold of fire ants killed by Ortho granules.

Easy of use: Depending on your preference, some products are easier to use than others. For instance, granules are a bit messy, but also effective.

Natural made: Some ant killers are made from all-natural ingredients and do not harm the environment.

Visibility: Granules and traps can be seen by the human eye around the house, but are generally effective. Gel is a good option if you want something invisible that people won’t notice.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Some brands offer a “Satisfaction Guarantee”, where you can be provided with a reimbursement within 1-2 months of purchase.

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