Guide: Choosing the best power tool combo kit – 10 things to look for

A power tool combo kits makes good sense. Buying a kit is less expensive than purchasing each power tool separately – and all accessories fit nicely together around a shared power system.

From our list of the best power tool combo kits for sale we learned a lot about what makes for a good combo kit. Here’s a summary to help you choose as well:

Choosing the best power tool combo kit – what to look for

There are many things to consider when purchasing a good combo kit. This is something you will hopefully keep for a long time! For this reason, we recommend looking at these things as the most important factors when choosing a power tool combo kit:

2-tool, 7-tool or 10-tool: Consider the amount of power tools you really need. For most house projects, they smaller kits suffice. But for woodwork, saws are needed and largers kits include these – and much.

Professional or home-owner: The kits presented in this collection are mainly for home-owners, but the more expensive kits are also used by professionals on a daily basis.

Drill and bit sets: With most combo kits comes the option to purchase additional bit sets, and with other kits, they are included by default. Look at the product specs and check what comes in the package.

Shared power system: The shared power system and batteries are something you will quickly appreciate with combo kits. This really comes in handy, and prevents you from needing 10 charged batteries for 10 tools.

Tough case or bag: In most combo kits, they come with handy bags, and tough cases as an option.

Product features: On each tools, there are a number of things to look for that makes life a lot easier. To name a few, multi-speeds, blade clamps, safety features and more. Study the kit before you buy to familiarize yourself with the unit features.

Corded or cordless: Corded power tools are sometimes the most effective, especially for longer duration tasks at the same place. But in recent years, the cordless tools have stepped up their great with high effectiveness and battery life. The tools in this collection are all cordless.

Accessories such as speakers and work lights are offered in larger combo kits or as accessories in smaller kits.

Accessories: Check out product options to make sure you order the right accessories. It is a great way to customize the combo kit, making it fit your exact need.

Run time per charge: Check user reviews to learn about battery life and duration.

Battery charge indicator: You will quickly learn to appreciate the option of having a battery charge indicator on your power tool. This will help charge the unit in due time for a big task, and avoid risk of running out of power in the midst of working with something.

Tool warranty: Depending on your brand of choice, check the warranty that comes with the kit. For instance, DeWalt offers a 3 year limited warranty, 1 year of free service and a 90 day money back guarantee.

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