Guide: Choosing the right Foot Warmers

Finding the right foot warmers for your cold feet can be difficult. Here are some of the important factors to look for when choosing a foot warmer to treat those cold feet.

Selecting the right foot warmer for your cold feet

Simple or advanced: Do you want just a couple of warm home booties, microwaveable shoes or electric ones? For certain cold feet or specific conditions, the simple ones with no external heating might not be enough, for other users the simple footies are the best.

Connecting cords: Do the footwarmers have connecting cords (electric). The cords will make it harder for you to move your legs in the foot warmers. Some users don’t mind this, others like to be more flexible.

Tight fit: Investigate users reviews to see how the foot warmer fits is on both the feet and lower ancles. The tighter, the better.

Top, sides, bottom heating? Investigate whether your foot warmer has heating elements on the top, sides or just the bottom part. Users have different prefences, but most users agree that foot warmers need to warm the feet from multiple angles.

Kozy Slippers
Footwarmers like Kozy Slippers have top and bottom heating. You cannot walk in these.

Size: Size matters on some types of foot warmers, which has to do with the fit. Most foot warmers come in a larger one-for-all. This can prevent small feet from having a tight fit.

Can you walk: Foot warmers are different. In some heated ones, you can walk in them, in others you cannot, because the grain soles won’t allow it, or the connecting cords makes it impossible. If you want to be able to walk around, choose non-heated slippers or booties, or choose microwaveable foot warmers with only heating pads on the top and sides. There are actually heated foot warmers you can walk in.

How long does the heat last: The microwaveable foot warmers will only last a certain while, which typically is 15-60 minutes – look at honest user reviews to learn about how many minutes the heat typically last. The electric foot warmers will of course last as long as you want them to – just plug them in. It all depends on your condition and how long you need to heat to last.

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