Guide: Choosing the right ice maker – what to look for

Ice makers come in many different shapes and sizes, and have many different specifications and features. Here is a guide about the most important things to look for when choosing your next icemaker for your kitchen or RV/Boat. As featured in the list of Best Icemakers we found!

What to look for when choosing an ice maker for your kitchen

Use: Where will you be using the ice maker? For everyday use in your kitchen, in your RV/Boat or at social gatherings like parties? Make sure the portability and capacity fits your need.

Capacity: Most smaller counter-top ice makers have a 1.5 lb capacity and will be enough for the “family” use every day. The larger and more expensive icemakers will have a 3lb or even 6lb container, and are better for parties and gatherings.

Costway Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker Machine Counter Top, Mini Cube 26lb of Ice Daily (Black)

Decibel level: See how much noise the ice maker puts out by reading reviews. If the ice makers has cooling it will also make noise once cube production is complete.

Cooling: If you want to unit to keep cooling the icecubes after the capacity is reached, you need a machine with built-in cooling. Also check reviews for how much noise this cooling makes.

Alerts: Does the ice maker alert you? Typically the machine will let you know when the A) water level is low and B) when the full capacity is reached.

Glass lid: Units with a see-through top will allow people to monitor the ice production. It’s quite practical to be able to check up on the ice maker.

Scoop: Most icemaker comes with a plastic scoop, but check up on this if you don’t have one already.

Ice production time: The production time is “per batch” (typically 6-10 cubes) and the total production time to reach full capacity. Some units also specify how many pounds it produces in 24 hours. Most units produce a batch in 5-15 minutes and fill to capacity in 1-2 hours.

Bluetooth: A few ice makers will let you connect to the unit to monitor production. You connect via an app.

Ice shape: Check what kind of ice shapes does the unit produce? Most are “bullet shaped” or “half moon” ice cubes, a few will makes “chewy ice” which is ready for drinks.

Ice cube size: Some ice makers let’s you choose from 2 different ice cubes sizes. This is practical if you need a smaller ice cube size to put the ice directly into water bottles or other containers.


Design: It matters how the ice maker looks on your countertop. Make sure it fits your style:

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Customer service: Ice makers are known to break, since they have both cooling elements and many moving parts. Check reviews to learn about the responsiveness and friendliness of customer service.

Price: The more you pay, the better they get. No doubt about it. Still, the affordable ones comes with great reviews.

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