Guide: Choosing the best double stroller for your babies

From our collection of the best selling double strollers we learned a lot about what makes for a great double stroller.

A stroller that folds easily is one of the factors to consider

Things to consider when selecting the right double stroller

When choosing your double stroller, there’s a lot of factors to consider, and it can be quite confusing at times with all the options. We have collected the most important ones below.

If you keep these in mind, you can’t go all wrong!

Jogger friendly: A “jogger” type double stroller has special handlebars and wheels that are well suiting for high speed and maneuvering. On the downside, “joggers” typically have less product options and weigh more.

Rain & sun protection: Most strollers have canopy shields that ratchet to protect your loved ones from the elements. Some include rain covers.

Tandem or side-by-side: Tandems take up less space. Side-by-sides is a better child experience. It’s all up to you.

Tandem type strollers take up less space. On the downside, the child experience is different.

Standing platform: Some strollers offer a standing platform on the back. Many larger boys and girls love this!

Easy fold: See specs for folding dimensions and check if the folded stroller fits in your car. This is critical for everyday use.

Wheel quality: Consider if you prefer the small plastic wheels or the larger bicycle-type wheels – or something in between. It’s all a matter of space, weight and preference.

Child size / specs: Check the size and weight of the children that the stroller accomodates.

“Umbrella” type: The umbrella type stroller folds lengthwise and typically is more lightweight and takes up less space. They can also be less durable.

Child’s tray: Some double stroller offers child’s tray as well, which often detaches or swivels.

Car seat adapter: Some strollers come with car seats sold separately or with seating that adapt to a universal type. Check the stroller specs to make sure.

Color and texture: Some stroller brands come in various color and texture options to better fit your style.

Reclining seats: Some strollers have reclining seats, allowing the child to rest or sleep while in the stoller.

Face direction: Consider if you want a stroller that is parent facing or forward facing. Forward facing gives a better child experience in the long run.

The parent tray and canopies of the side-by-side Baby Trend Double Jogger. The tray has speakers.

Parent tray: Snacks, cups & speakers: Consider if the stroller allows a snack holder and room for cups. Some even have speakers.

Warranty: Check low star user reviews for the quality of the customer service in case of failures. Most strollers will encounter problems in their lifetime, as they are a critical part of everyday family life.

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