Guide: Choosing the right refridgerator for your kitchen

As mentioned in our selection of the best looking and best selling stylish fridges, there’s a lot of things to consider when choosing the perfect refridgerator for your home.

Guide to choosing the right refridgerator

Dual zone: Many fridges have a freeze area included. Make sure this is something you need, and that the freeze area is sufficient. Or perhaps you need a seperate freezer?

Freezer and fridge area placement: Make sure the layout suits your need for easy opening. Consider what you do the most in terms of daily access.

Freestanding or cabinet: Make sure your fridge is suited for its intended placement in your kitchen. Most refridgerators are freestanding and do no work well in cabinets.

Energy Star Rated: Look for the Energy Star rating. A fridge with this rating uses less power than a light bulb.

Durable: Check negative user reviews for good war stories to learn how well the fridge works over time. There will always be some negative reviews, but they shouldn’t be in large minority.

Trim Kit: Some fridges come with a trim kit for building into your kitchen in a stylish way.

This Frigidaire has a beautiful trim kit for building into your kitchen.

External dimensions: Make sure the external dimensions suit the intended place for your fridge.

Style and color: You will be looking at this fridge almost every day. Make sure it fits your other kitchen appliances and the overall interior style of your house. Bright colors require getting used to and needs to fit the rest of your house.

Door open alarm: Some fridges come with a useful alarm that beeps if you forget to close the door after some time.

Ice maker: Some fridges have an integrated ice maker in the freezer area.

Water cooler: A useful feature typically found in larger fridges.

Humidity control: The better fridges typically has humidity control, especially useful for vegetables and fruit. Check user reviews to learn whether it actually works on your preferred model.

Drawer style: Drawer style fridges are less conventional but becoming more popular, as they are efficient for storage and easy to access.

Drawer style fridge, like on this Thor.

Noise: Check user reviews for honest reviews of noise levels. Some freezers indicated decibel levels.

Security / lock: Sometimes you need a lock to prevents others from accessing the freezer. This option is available on some models.

LCD Display: Many will appreciate a freezer equipped with LCD display that shows the current temperature inside the freezer.

LCD display on the Costway Travel Freezer

Reversible doors: Make sure your freezer has the reversible door option, if it is the upright type. This option will make the daily access to the freezer much more usable.

Customer service: Check user reviews for customer service friendliness in case anything breaks.

Temperature range: Check the temperature range that the freezer and fridge offers. Different models vary quite a lot in this area. Make sure it suits your need.

Warranty: Some brands and models offer a warranty depending on what breaks; like a Full 1-Year / Compressor 2-Year Warranty.

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