Guide: How to find the right smart watch – fitness and connectivity

In this guide we will explore some of the most important things to look for when choosing a smart watch as explored in the Best Smartwatches We Found.

What matters when choosing your next smart watch – important things to look for

Always-on: Can you smartwatch display time constantly? It drains the battery, but looks great!

Battery life: The bigger always-on watches need recharging almost every day, but the wristband type watches can go for much longer. However, the wristband ones offer less functions. Which do you prefer?

Form factor: The form factors matters with a smartwatch, because you will wear it every day. The wrist-band type watches are loved for there sleek fit, but the larger watches are most elegant and masculine.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band (Large), Liquid Black, SM-R365NZKAXAR
The wristband form factor has the advantage of longer battery life and are typically quite comfortable to wear. This is a Samsung Gear Fit2.

Functionality and smartphone connectivity: Read reviews to learn about how well your watch will support iPhone and Android app connectivity.

Monitors and sensor: Which sensors does the watch have – steps, heart rate, sleep tracking, gyro, GPS? Which ones of these do you need?

Touch screen or button usability: Does the watch support touch screen, and if not, how do you access functions and app? Make sure the watch has good usability – read user reviews to find out what users report about using buttons or the screen.

Pairing: Before you buy, see specs for whether the watch pairs with your particular smartphone. Most smartwatches allow pairing with iPhone and Android phones, but some models like Samsung are specifically made to pair with Android apps only and will have limited functionality for iPhones.

Water resistance: Look for the promised water resistance. If you need to swim with your watch, or even dive with it, you want to make sure it is perfectly resistant. Go for at least 5-10ATM if you swim a lot.

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