Guide: How to choose the right compact binoculars

With a pair of compact binoculars, there’s no limit to what you can get a good look at! From our collection of best selling and most popular compact binoculars here’s a list of things to consider.

Things to consider when choosing the right compact binoculars

Size: An important factor in binoculars is the size. Size will always be a tradeoff between magnification and portability. Choose the binoculars that fits you the best. Compact binoculars are great for travels and outdoors but do not magnify like the larger binoculars do, often preferred by outdoor enthusiasts.

Form factor: Choose a design and look that fits you – and your pockets. Some brands like the Occer have more rounded features, other binoculars are very flat and great for pockets.

Bushnell Waterproof Compact Binocular
A compact form factor make the binoculars portable and practical. Shown: Bushnell Waterproof Compact

Ergonomics: Some brands and models are comfortable to both fold and hold. Read user reviews to learn about ergonomics and usability after sustained use.

Optics power & quality: Optics quality is everything, and you often get, what you pay for. The better the prism, the brighter and clearer the image. Check user reviews and see images to learn more about prism quality, before you buy.

Durability / ruggedness: Well built and durable binoculars are more fun, because you never know what happens. It is important to choose binoculars that will last for a long time.

Carrying case: Check to see if the binoculars come with a carrying case. You might want to skip the case for walks outside, but it’s still nice for storage. They cheaper models mostly don’t have a good carrying case.

Other accessories: According to your preference, some binoculars come with many other accessories like a neck strap, wiping cloth, smartphone holder and more.

Warranty: Check manufacturer warranty before you buy. Some have a 1 year warranty, others offer a life-time guarantee.

Customer service: Also look at reviews to learn about customer service issues and friendliness.

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