Guide: Choosing the right baby wipes that you will stick with

Have you been blessed with babies? Then you will most assuredly need baby wipes – lots of baby wipes, and good ones too! From our collection of best (selling) baby wipes right now, we looked at how wipes perform and what matters. It’s not overly complicated, there are however some things to look for before stocking up.

Things to consider when buying baby wipes

# wipes / packs: Each pack of wipes typically has around 50 (sometimes 100 wipes), and are often sold in packs of 6 or 12. Consider the price per wipe for good affordability in the long run. Pro tip: It is very rare to buy too many wipes when you have a small baby!

Ingredients / formula: Check the product specifications for a list of ingredients in the baby wipes. The simplest formulas contain almost only purified water and are ideal for newboards.

Free from: According to your preference, wipes can be, and are mostly always free from alcohol, bronopol, dyes, parabens and phthalates.

Check user reviews for fabric quality and texture

Scented or unscented: Scented wipes provide a better child and parent experience, but also contains more fragrance ingredients. This is typically not an issue for most skins, but scented wipes are not recommended for newborns and small infants, as their skin is very sensitive.

Sensitive skin: Especially new premature or newborns have very sensitive skin. Check product tests and customer reviews for how their skins have reacted, but beware that all skins are different.

Quality / falling apart: Some wipes will stick together, others will fall apart easily. Check user reviews for the quality of the wipes.

1 at a time: The cheapier wipes are known to not seperate well, which can be quite annoying. Check user reviews for good war stories.

Flip-top or tape-seal: Most baby wipes have some sort of closing top. Make sure the design fits your need.

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes,
These Amazon Basic Wipes are scented and have a flip-top.

Texture: A gentle fabric texture will make the wipes more effective. Some wipes have a more accentuated texture, which is typically shown in picture closeups.

Use: Consider the use of the baby wipes: Are they for diaper change, hands, feeds or just about everything. Can they be used by adults. The ingredients typically will determine the use of the wipes.

Flushable: Most baby wipes cannot be flushed in the toilet – they will cause problems in water treatment and sewage. Some types however claim to dissolve and be flushable. They can also more flimsy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Some brands offer a satisfaction guarantee in case something is not to your liking.

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