Guide: How to pick the best party game

If you want to create big laughs and hilarious situations at your party, start up a great party game (as featured in the Best Party Games we found). But what should you look for when choosing a good party game? Here are some tips.

Tips for choosing the best party game

Replay-ability: Does the party game allow players to easily replay – without boring the contestants? Does the game automatically create novelty? It’s important that you can play the same game, but the game play is different with new people. Read user reviews to find out.

Does the game have Adult Content: Some games have a lot of adult content like swearing and explicit content. Make sure the party goers don’t mind, and that kids are not present if the game has this type of content.

Bad People - The Party Game You Probably Shouldn't Play
Some games will expose “bad sides” of people. Make sure the players are up for this!

Sensitive players Even with adults, make sure all your players find the game funny. Some people are more conservative and don’t like being made fun of. It’s important that your game doesn’t expose people, if they don’t want to be exposed. Games like Bad People is not for sensitive people.

Drinking games: Is the game made for making people drink more? Read the rules and read up on gameplay to learn how the game plays out, and if there are natural breaks where people can drink.

Participants: A great party game allows many people to attend, and allow them to enter and exit the game without messing up the gameplay. At lively parties, this can be expected.

Rules: Overly complex rules are not good for party games. If people start discussing the rules too much it takes away from the gameplay.

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