Guide: Picking the best gasoline powered pressure washer

Have you decided on a gasoline powered pressure washer? You made a good choice – but there are still things to look out for. Here’s a guide to the most important factors when choosing your next gasoline powered cleaning unit. As featured in Best Gasoline Powered Pressure Washers we found.

What to look for when picking a gasoline powered pressure washer

Great for cleaning: A pressure washer is made for cleaning. That makes sense! But make sure it’s good at it. The effectiveness comes from a combination of usability, options, pump/power and durability. The best advice is to read reviews. Tip: look at user uploaded pictures to see before and after.

There aren’t many types of surfaces a good pressure washer cannot clearn. Pictured: Simpson MSH.

Surface versatility: The great thing about pressure washers is they can be used for cleaning almost any surface. The type depends mostly on the power (some surfaces need more pump power than others) and accessories (for instances, to clean roofs you need an extender). Possible surfaces are, but are not limited to:

  • hardwood decks,  painted wood
  • driveways, pavement and concrete,steel,
  • plastic window trim and window glass (beware!)
  • cars and wheels, boats, RVs, even bikes
  • stone, marble,
  • fences in gardens and yards
  • decks and patios

Usability: How the handles are designed and how nozzles and the spray trigger works is an important factor in reducing work fatigue. Reason: Most jobs will take time no matter what. Make sure you don’t go tired.

Wheels and size: Some units have slim plastic wheels, others are pneumatic, wide and bouncy. It depends on your terrain what you need. The more expensive type washers will typically have more comfortable wheels and allow you to move the unit across different types of terrain.

Pump power and quality: Make sure your buy has a dependable and powerful pump. Even the best pump will break before the engine does, so check reviews to learn how often this has happened to other buyers.

Abrasion resistant hose
Abrasion resistant hoses can look like this. They can also be braided.

Hose type and resistance: Some washers have thing hoses. They can be messy and break over time. More expensive washers have resistant or braided hoses. Check pictures and see specs to learn about the hose type, and read reviews to learn whether the hose messes up in typical use scenarios.

Safety features: Some units have automatic features to lock or shut-down, protective shields, brakes on wheels and more.

Spray nozzles: Most units come with different spray nozzles. For some, the end has to be replaced. In others, just the very tip.

Spray nozzles
Spray nozzles like these ones can be easily switched without changing the entire end of the pressure washer. They give different spray angles and shapes.

Other accessories: There’s a many other types of relevant accessories such as better wheels, more spray nozzles, longer hoses, patio washers, detergant, tanks, covers and much more. If you use a unit frequently, you will start to appreciate the accesories. Also make sure to read reviews about how these work.

Quality: You will soon regret having bought something that doesn’t last. Because these units are under a lot of pressure (no pun intended) and can break if not made well. Make sure to see the amount of negative reviews and why these are negative. Of course, there will always be breaking unit, but make sure it doesn’t look like a recurring pattern for your choice.

Soap tank: The soap tank will help if you use it for cleaning surfaces with detergang like roofs and vehicles.

Gasoline / oil: The gasoline capacity will matter if you use the unit a lot. Then you will appreciate a larger container. The units with oil drain are easier to keep in the long run, and you can change the oil yourself.

Warranty: Check manufacturer warranty. Most units come with 1-2 years of limited warranty. Also make sure that reviews are not complaining about customer service for buyers who are returning a unit for some reason.

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