Guide to buying cordless hedge trimmers (electric)

Do you have a lot of trimming to do around the garden? In need for a fast, easy yet cordless solution? Then a cordless hedge trimmer might be your tool of choice. Here is a guide on what to look for.

What to look for when buying cordless hedge trimmers

Build quality: Look at negative reviews to make sure the build quality is on par.

Effective for trimming: Naturally, a hedge trimmer needs to be effective and do a great job at what it does. Most trimmers have double blades with hardened steel blades.

Protective shell: You will quickly appreciate a hedge trimmer with a protective shell, making sure both hands are on the handle and nowhere near the blade itself.

Double Switch protection: Most trimmers offer a double switch, meaning that both hands need to operate the unit simultaneously

Ease of use: The design and ergonomics of the trimmer has a lot to say. Read reviews to learn if users grow fatigued from trimming. This is ofte also a result of weight.

Turning handle: Some hedge trimmers will allow the handle to turn – a feature that can help reduce fatigue.

It is important to choose a manueverable and easy to use hedge trimmer.

Vibration: A unit will vibrate at a certain RPM. Check reviews for high reported vibration, something that quickly adds to fatigue.

Weight: Depending on battery size and build materials, the hedge trimmers can be quite light weight, making sustained use less tiring. Longer blades and larger batteries will add to the weight.

Battery size: There is an important tradeoff between weight and power. The larger 40V battery make for longer use, but also adds to the weight. You might also consider a hedge trimmer with multiple batteries (like 20V), so you can change up when you run out of power.

Noise: Electric hedge trimmers are less noisy than their gasoline powered counterparts. They still make some noise, though. Check reviews to learn about the noise levels of the trimmer you are considering buying

#1 tip: Look at negative reviews to check on build quality. Don’t buy something that breaks for 20% of buyers.

Accessories: Some hedge trimmers come with useful accessories. Of course, you need the battery charger and the battery. But you can also get special extensions, gloves, collection bins, extra batteries, safety glasses and much more.

Type of trimmer: For hard to reach places, you might need something else – a pole saw or a hedge trimmer on a pole. Or a big ladder!

Warranty: Check manufacturer warranty before purchasing.

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