A guide to heated blankets and wraps

Heated blankets are quite popular (see our collection here), and offer many options to choose from. It’s not always easy to know what to look for.

In this guide, we have collected the most important factors to consider when choosing an electric wrap or blanket.

What to look for when choosing an electric blanket

Fabric: Most heated blankets are made in polyester or cotton/polyester blend. The comfort varies between soft and supersoft.

Size: Dimensions matter. The smaller blankets are 50×60” and will not cover a full size bed, others are large enough for King Size beds. Make sure to check that the dimensions fit your needs.

Heat settings: Depending on the blanket, there are different heat settings to choose from. Some provide 3, others 10 heat settings. You might not need all those adjustment options, but its still nice to be able to adjust the heat somewhat. It all depends on the manufacturer, but most blankets deliver heat between 68-122°F.

Heating blanket have varying heat levels.

Heat: Some blankets are reported to be quite hot, others to be only lukewarm, thus needing a cover above it. Check user reviews to learn about the heat on the blanket in question, however beware that people sense differently. This is why a good scale of different heat settings on the blanket is important.

Auto-off timer: An electric blankets automatically shut off after some time. This time can vary from 1 hour up to 8-10 hours. If you need the blanket to give heat all through the night, choose a blanket with a high auto-off timer. In some blankets like the iTeknik, the shutoff timer is adjustable.

Auto-adjustment: Some blanket claim to automatically adjust the heat, and being able to protect from overheating.

Washable: Most heating blankets are washable. As per instructions, detach the electric blanket from the heating controller, and put the blanket in the washing machine.

Heating blankets are washable for a reason. Pets love them!

Dryer safe: Some blankets are dryer safe, others are not, due to internal wiring in the blanket. Check instructions and specs to make sure it fits your requirements.

This Sunbeam controller has dual zones, body and feet area, and many settings.

Warranty: Many blankets are quite durable and will sustain years of use. Some companies like Sunbeam provide a 5 year limited warranty.

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