Guide: Using Elastic Bands and Cords for Sewing

For your sewing or craft project, a good and durable and washable elastic band is important. From our collection of the best selling and most highly rated elastic bands and strings we have summarized the most important things to look for when choosing cords or bands.

Things to look for when selecting elastic bands and cords

When choosing elastic brands for sewing and craft projects, you need to consider a couple of things first. Here are the most important factors to consider.

Thickness: Consider the thickness needed for your particular project. It needs to fit the project. Popular options are 1mm, 3mm (1/8 inch), 5mm or 10mm, also called 3/8 inch.

Flat or round: Bands typically come in 2 types, flat or round. The round cords are typically thinner and for smaller projects. Flat bands are more comfortable to wear, but also take up more space in the garment.

Round cords are great for bracelets

Elasticity / losing stretch: One particularly important quality in your choice of elastic bands is its ability to stretch and sustain that stretch-ability over time. You will be spending your valuable time sewing elastic bands into your project, so the last thing you want is a band that loses its stretch! Check negative user reviews for customer reviews about this important.

Material: Most elastic cords and bands are made from polyester with rubber strings (polypropylene fibers) inside.

Ironing not allowed: Most elastic bands do NOT support ironing because of the rubber inside (it will melt and ruin the band). Make sure this is not an issue in your project.

1/4 Inch Width Braided Elastic Band
All elastic cords have some type of rubber inside. That means no ironing allowed, but they can mostly always be machine washed.

Washable: Most bands and cords sustain machine washing, which is an important quality for clothing projects.

Your project: The use of an elastic band are many. What are yours? Consider them for belts, hair ties, waistbands, shoelaces, sleeves, shorts or skirts. They can also be used in headbands, wig bands, hats, bags, or even jewelry making. Options are almost endless!

Spool length: A good spool of elastic band will last you a long time and for many years. Typical spool lengths are 50 or 100 yards. Smaller spools are easier to store.

Colors: Consider the color best suited for your project. Black or white are popular options, but they also come in multi rainbow or particular colors that will match the fabric.

Shipping: Most elastic bands and made in China, but check the point of origin for product shipping. If the product is shipped from China, it takes about a month. Shipped from the US, it takes about 2-5 days.

Warranty: Some of the more known elastic band brands offer a warranty in case anything is not to your satisfaction, however this is quite rare.

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