Guide: How to choose the right knife block set for your kitchen

In this article we will explore some of the factors that matter when choosing the right knife block set for your kitchen, as mentioned in our selection of 7 best knife block sets.

How to select the right knife block set to suit your needs

Precision: How do the knives cut? If they cannot perform, you won’t use them as much. With precision and sharp cutting there is less waste. For instance you will have more crumbs with a dull bread knife than a sharp one. There are many different ways the knife sets are sharpened

Ergonomic: Go for knife handles with a firm grib. They should support prolonged used and the firm grib will make the knives more secur and avoid that you drop them.

Block insertion: How the knives are inserted and grabbed from the block makes a difference.

Weight: The weight of the knives makes a difference, but can also be a matter of preference. Some users prefer the very light knives, other like the more sturdy feel of a heavy knife. The weight also plays into the balance of the knives.

Block grib: How firm does the base connect to the kitchen counter / kitchen table? This becomes important in everyday operation of the knives. Some bases are flimsy and light – this quickly becomes annoying.

Steel quality: Determines the durability of the blade and how quickly it will go dull. 

Number of knives: Consider whether you want a compact set of only 5-8 knives or one of the larger 18-25 set knife blocks that often have more than 6 chef knives alone. It depends on your kitchen skills and counter space.

Design: How the set looks. Are you going for something elegant, simple, classic, or something that stands out? Make sure the design fits with the overall design of your kitchen.

Where to place: Some users prefer to permanently attach the knife block to the wall, which removes clutter. Others prefer to place them on the counter, where you can easily access and move the knives. Look of a knife block that fits your need in this respect.

Price point: The price makes a difference. It will determine quality, amount of knives and durability of the set. In general, the higher you go, the better the knives get. But of course, you can find good deals. So determine your price point and then go for the other factors.

Warranty: See if the set comes with an extended warranty. Some even have lifetime warranties against manufacturer defects.

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