The 10 Best Glass Spray Bottles & Bottle Kits

Glass spray bottles can be used for many things like cleaners, ironing, pet spray, linen spray, mixing essential oil recipes, water misting plants, beauty products and much more.

Other options are non-toxic bug sprays, sprays for fleas or odor, natural air freshener for the house, floor or carpet cleaner, vinegar and water mixture for cleaning windows, washing vegetables, bathroom deodorizer and homemade skin and beauty recipes.

In this carefully curated list, our beauty & health editor has found the best and most popular glass spray bottles for sale right now, and has written a guide for choosing glass spray bottles.

#1: Glass Spray Bottle 16 oz

Glass Spray Bottle - Empty Refillable 16 oz

Simple can sometimes be the best. This 16 oz glass spray bottle has a clear handle and a clear glass in a clean modern, design. In reviews, buyers love the simple design and presentation.

You can also get 1 pack or 2 packs with a black handle from this store.

#2: Clear Glass Bottles with sleeve

These clear glass bottles have a practical silicone sleeve and comes in a pack of two. The bottle has an easy grip and is quite light, and comes with caps, labels and a funnel.

#3: SAVVY PLANET Glass Spray with Silicone Sleeve

SAVVY PLANET Empty Clear Glass Spray Bottles with Silicone Sleeve

Another product with a practical, even larger silicone sleeve are these bottles from Savvy Planet. You can choose between 7 different color pairs, which adds a nice touch to the house. In many reviews, buyers like them for being sturdy, but not too heavy. The glass is quite thick.

#4: Youngever Spray Bottles with Measurements

Youngever 4 Pack Empty Clear Glass Spray Bottles with Measurements

If you need to track liquid consumption, consider these Youngever clear bottles with measurements. The 4-pack is a good value, and they are liked in most reviews for holding up well with a hard glass.

#5: 16oz Cobalt Blue Glass

16oz Cobalt Blue Glass

If you like the measurement type spray bottle, these 16oz blue glass bottles is another option. They come with labels to identify the liquid inside, and a metal funnel for pouring. In most reviews, they are loved for their beautiful glass and for being convenient and well made.

#6: 2oz Glass Spray Bottles

2oz Glass Spray Bottles

For DIY beauty products, a good option are these clear, 2 oz bottles that provide a fine mist. The boutique also offers 3.4, 4 and 16 ounce bottles and different kits, also with amber and black glass.

#7: Chef’s Star Spray Bottles

Chef's Star Spray Bottles

We also really like these green 2oz bottles that come with a gold pen for labeling contents. You get either a collection as a 12-pack or 24-pack. In reviews, buyers love them for organizing DIY sprays and perfumes.

#8: Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Amber is a beautiful color. These 16 oz spray bottles from Sally’s Organics store is a very popular. They come in a 2-pack with caps and stylish labels. In many reviews, they are recommended for being heavy duty, high quality and elegant.

#9: Bontip Amber Glass Spray Bottle Set

Bontip Amber Glass Spray Bottle Set

A slightly darker amber shades is found on these Bontip Spray Bottles. They come with funnel, caps and labels, and buyers love the quality and the dark brown color. We especially like the ergonomic trigger, a small but quality touch.

#10: BonyTek Glass Spray Bottles Kit

All sizes and accessories come with kits like the BonyTek Kit. You can get the kit in dark brown, blue or clear. In many reviews, buyers love the variety included in this set, that even comes with bottle cleaners.

Guide: Things to consider when buying glass spray bottles

Size: Most spray bottles come in 16 oz containers or small 2-3 oz containers. The smaller ones are typically for beauty products like scented body spray and essential oils, whereas the large containers are best for cleaning, plant spraying and general use.

Design & style: The sleeve, glass color and handle all makes up for a stylish glass bottle, that adds a touch to your house. Choose something that fits your home and personal preference.

Glass color: Some buyers prefer a colored blue or amber glass, which adds to style and design. On the other hand, simple no-colored glass allows you to see the liquid inside. Choose a design that fits your intended purpose for the liquid inside.

Quality: Check reviews to learn about build quality and durability. You want to keep a glass spray bottle around for years.

Ease of use: The nozzle should be easy to pull and not get stuck. Ergonomic and high quality handles add to the feel.

Labels included: Some spray bottle packs come with labels to identify the liquid inside. This is quite practical if you don’t have your own labels.

Included labels is a good option with some glass bottle packs.

Funnel included: You might like the packs that include a funnel for pouring the liquid into the spray bottle.

Closing caps included: Some spray bottles include closed caps with a leak stopping silicone cone. Great for longtime storage and organization.

Leak proof: Some glass spray bottles claim to be leak proof.

Silicone sleeve: Some glass have silicone or rubber sleaves that prevent them from breaking when dropped. It also adds to style and design, and the bottle makes less noise when you place it.

Some boutiques provide entire kits with different sizes and accessories.

Travel friendly: Consider if you need to bring the spray bottle for travels. Travel friendliness is a combination of size and the bottle being leak-proof. If you decide to bring it along for a trip, test it upside down before you pack your bags.

Lead & PBA free: Many spray bottles claim to be lead and PBA free, something you might want to consider in terms of a sustainable product. It is also important that chemicals cannot impart to the bottle liquids.

Dishwasher safe: Make sure your glass bottle is dishwasher safe, something that makes it easier to clean.

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