The 7 Best Basic Men’s T-Shirts

Every man needs a basic tee to wear once in a while. Stylish and classic, it is something simple and comfortable for any occasion. In this unique collection, our wefoundthebest editor has handpicked the currently bestselling and best rated basic tees on Amazon for immediate sale and shipping.

#1: Hanes Men’s T Shirt, Beefy

Hanes Men's T Shirt, Beefy

This Hanes Men’s T Shirt is a simple option if you are looking for a heavy fabric, roomy t-shirt. The Hanes Beefy is a popular T-shirt that stands up to hundreds of washings, and it comes in all sizes and around 50 different colors. It’s an American classic.

#2: Next Level Mens Premium Fitted

Next Level Mens Premium

In case you are looking for something more fit, consider the Next Level Men’s Premium. This is a light-weight, soft, 100%-cotton tee that has a tight fit. User reviews appreciate the good quality of the fabric, and the great value for money. There are more than 100 color options to choose from.

#3: Amazon Essentials Men’s (2-Pack)

Amazon Essentials Men's

A bestselling basic is the Amazon Essentials Men’s. They come in different colors but also in various patterns and stripe options. They are appreciated for good sewing quality and having comfy cotton texture, and for being long enough – otherwise a recurring problem with many men’s tees. You get 2 in each pack, providing many choice options.

#4: Gildan Men’s G2000

Gildan Men's G2000

Another classic is the Gildan Men’s G2000 is a high quality basic tee in various blends. They have a comfortable seamless double needle collar and come in about 50 different colors. They are liked for being true to size, well made and heavy weight, and have gathered thousands of positive reviews over the years.

#5: Gildan Men’s Crew

Gildan Men's Crew

Gildan also makes these 5-pack Men’s Crew, another very popular choice and best selling choice on Amazon. The tees are well fitted and long enough for most men. With 5 in a pack you don’t run out, and it’s quite affordable per tee.

#6: Carhartt Men’s K87 Workwear Pocket T-Shirt


If you don’t mind a pocket and a logo on your basic tee, it is very hard to beat the Carhartt tee. It’s a generously sized tee, part of their work wear collection, but is has become an instant classic worldwide. Carhartts will last for years and are known to be well made. Comes in all sizes and approximately 20 colors.

#7: Dickies Men’s Heavy

Dickies Men's Heavy

Last but not least, again, if you don’t mind a small pocket and a small logo, another option is the Dickies Men’s Heavy. It’s a classic pocket tee made of thick cotton, cut in a spacious fit. They come highly recommended by customers, and are known for being durable, heavy duty and long enough for almost anyone.

We love the orange option!

What makes for a great basic T-shirt for men?

Basic T’s aren’t that complicated. Still, there’s a couple of things to consider when you buy a basic tee.

Cotton: Most basic T’s are 100% cotton, other have a blend. Blends are used for some color variations or to provide a more stretchy fit.

Thickness: Heavier fabrics are more durable, but thinner T-shirts are more comfortable to wear, and easier to fit within a shirt.

Crew or V-cut: Consider the cut you want on your tee. Crew cut (round) is the classic. V-cut is better for shirts.

Color: It is always nice to have a couple of colors to choose from in basic tees. Most basic tees come in 20-50 different colors.

Fit and style: Depending on your body shape and preference, a basic T comes in various fits; close fit, regular or roomy (also sometimes called “Beefy”).

A comfortable fit and durable fabric is important in a basic tee. It needs to hold over time. This is the Dixie Heavy, an American classic.

Quality: The quality of the sewing is an important factor in a basic tee. Check user reviews to make sure you are not buying something you can’t wear after 5 washings.

Shrinking: Some tees will shrink more than others. Best thing is to check user reviews to make sure this is not a problem for your basic t-shirt of choice.

Length: A common problem in many men’s t-shirts are length – more precisely, lack thereof. Check reviews to make sure this is not a problem with the product in question.

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