The 9 Best Sparkling Waters – Flavored and Unflavored

Perfect for lunch, dinner or quick bites – sparkling water goes a long way and are great for replacing unhealthy sodas. They even come in different delicious flavors.

In this carefully curated list, our home chef and wefoundthebest editor has identified the best and most popular sparkling waters for sale on Amazon for immediate shipping – both flavored and unflavored options. Ranging from classics to newcomers.

#1: San Pellegrino Sparkling Water

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water

A popular and classic European brand in sparkling water is San Pallegrino. These .5 liter bottles come in a pack of 24, and you can buy 2, 3, or 4 sets for immediate shipping. In reviews, buyers love the perfectly carbonated classic water, and the bottle size is liked for being quite practical.

#2: Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier is another classic sparkling water brand of European heritage. In this set, you get a pack of 24 small plastic water bottles, and 2 flavored cans (pineapple and mango fusion). Perriers are made from water captured at the source in france, and are for many buyers it is the best sparkling water out there.

#3: Sparkling Ice, Black Cherry

Sparkling Ice, Black Cherry

The brand Sparkling Ice has become a very popular brand, supplying a wide variety of real fruit flavors. In reviews, they are recommended for being delicious yet convenient, and quite affordable. Great for replacing sodas and other unhealthy beverages.

#4: Bubly Sparkling Water

Bubly Sparkling Water

Bublys come in 18-packs of 12 ounce per can, and you can choose from about 8 different flavors. They are bottled in the US and made from water that has gone through a filtration process. The flavors are quite fine and light, something buyers really love.

#5: Crystal Geyser Unflavored Sparkling Spring Water

Crystal Geyser Unflavored Sparkling Spring Water

Crystal Geyser is a good unflavored option in carbonated spring water. The water contains no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives. They are liked for being an excellent sparkling water choice, yet simple and no-fuss. They come in packs of 24 18 oz. plastic bottles.

#6: Hint Sparkling Water 4-Flavor Variety Pack

Hint Sparkling Water 4-Flavor Variety Pack

Hint is a brand making bubbly water with real fruit flavor. In these variety packs, you get 4 different flavors as an option. Flavors are rich but subtle, a great replacement for soda.

#7: Waterloo Sparkling Water

Waterloo Sparkling Water

Waterloo Sparkling Water comes in original or 8 diffent crisp flavors, and very tasty ones such as coconut. In reviews, buyers are addicted to this brand of sparkling water that like the rest of course are completely calorie-free.

Waterlook also makes the same sparkling water in plastic bottles, depending on your preference.

#8: Ugly Drinks

Ugly Drinks

A newcomer brand, Ugly is becoming quite popular. You can buy variety packs or single flavor packs, and the ugly cans reveal a good tasting sparkling water inside.

Guide: Things to consider when buying sparkling water

Type of container: Most brands come in either aluminum cans or plastic bottles, both of which have to be disposed of correctly for proper recycling.

Carbonated: Sparkling waters are of course – carbonated. This can be done subtly or quite massively, so check reviews for how this could suit your preference.

Pack size: Larger pack sizes are quite convenient if you have the room in your garage or pantry.

Multiple sets: You will quickly get addicted to sparkling water. Make sure you buy enough.

Flavor: Flavored sparkling water is becoming a popular option, making sparkling water slightly the more exciting and better tasting. The flavors come in a wide variety of types depending on the brand.

Sweeteners: Some sparkling waters add sweeteners to the flavored types, but rarely. Still, check specs to make sure.

Calories: Most sparkling waters have 0 calories, even the flavored types.

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