The 5 Best Selling Paper Towels to purchase online

Paper towels are essential to any househouse. They can be used for immediate cleaning of surfaces or hands.

In this collection, our picky wefoundthebest editors has looked at the currently best selling, affordable and usable paper towels for online purchase and immediate delivery today.

#1: Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels

Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels

The Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels is a popular option claiming to be 2x as absorbent as leading ordinary brands. Each pack contains 6 rolls, but they’re in family size, so it’s more like 15 regular rolls. The wellknown Bounty brand is not your least expensive option, but they are high quality, and sent right to your door. They also come in a 2-pack.

#2: Amazon Brand – Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels

Amazon Brand - Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels

The Amazon Brand – Presto! are flexible-size paper powels, here in a 2×6 pack option. Each roll has 158 2-ply sheets. They are made from sustainable managed forests and controlled sources. They are highly rated and appreciated by buyers as a good online purchase option for paper towels, and are said to be strong and absorbent.

#3: Viva Multi-Surface Paper Towels

Viva Multi-Surface Paper Towels

The Viva Multi-Surface Paper Towels is also a 2 x 6 roll option. Each roll has 143 sheets, and they can be used for cleaning any surface like metal, granite, glass, wood or tile. They have 2 layers for great ansorbency and are textured to better catch the mess. They are not as cheap as a lot of other towels, but are also used less, because they feel almost like using a cloth.

#4: Scott Multifold Paper Towels

Scott Multifold Paper Towels

With Scott Multifold Paper Towels you avoid the mess of paper rolls. The paper is trifold and fits into most dispensers. They meet all necessary standards so they are also useful for business and industrial use. If you like multifold, Pacific Blues is another slightly more affordable option.

#5: SofPull Centerpull Paper Towel

SofPull Centerpull Paper Towel

Another paper towel option is SofPull Centerpull Paper Towel. The are well suited for industrial and business use and need a properly sized paper towel dispenser to work.

What to consider when buying paper towel

Form factor: Consider the form factor that best suits your needs. Traditional rolls are the most popular option, but you will also find the center-pull towels or the multifold paper towels.

Lot size: Make sure to stock up on paper towels, while you are at it.

Eco-friendly: Paper is made from trees or recycled paper, that came from trees. Make sure the product suits your preferences in this regard. Some brands promise production from sustainable managed forests and controlled sources.

Shipping: For online purchase, make sure the brands offer immediate and inexpensive shipping.

Absorbent: For good everyday use, read user reviews to learn if the paper towels are as absorbent as the brand claims they are. There are known to be differences.

Family size: With kids, you consume a lot of paper towel. Make sure you buy family-size rolls, that typically hold 5-10 more actual length of paper than normal size rolls.

Made in USA: Many users will appreciate that the product is made locally in USA, because of the poor quality controls in other countries.

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