The 6 Best Foot Warmers for your Bed

Foot warmers are great for this time of year. A popular option is choosing a foot warmer you can bring to bed for constant heating and instant pain relief.

In this collection, our skilled wefoundthebest editor has carefully curated a list of the highest rated and reviewed foot warmers for bringing to bed.

#1: Sunbag Electric Heated Foot Warmer

Sunbag Electric Heated Foot Warmer,Extra-Fast Heating Pad Ultra Soft Flannel Fleece with 3 Settings, Auto Shut Off,Extra Large for Bed,Feet,Back,Waist

The Sunbag Electric Heated Foot Warmer will save your body from cold and poor circulation, and can treat many areas of your body like back, waist, knees, legs, neck and shoulders. The Sunbag also come in a 22” x 20” version – large enough to accommodate two pairs of feet.
Reviews: Buyers praise the Sunbag for great relief and soft fabric. It is known for heating up quickly and the oversize is a popular option. It is even reported to treat migraines.

#2: Tizlo Electric Heated Foot Warmer

Electric Heated Foot Warmers for Men and Women Foot Heating Pad Electric with Fast Heating Technology Heating Pad Feet Warmer Auto Shut Off with 3 Temperature Setting 20×22 inches Perfect Purple

Another option is the Tizlo Electric Heating Pad. Both sides of the pad are constructed from a durable yet luxurious and plush flannel. It comes with features such as variable heat control and automatic shutoff. It measures 22” x 21” – the pocket being 15” deep.
Reviews: Buyers report using this with good results for many parts of the body. It is very portable and can be kept under the desk or easily stored away.

#3: XXXL King Size Heating Wrap

XXXL Electric Heating Pad, Ultra-Wide 24" x 24" King Size Heating Wrap, Foot Warmer, Moist and Dry Option with 2 Hours Auto Shut Off for Pain...

A popular large-size heating wrap is the FIGERM Ultra-Wide Electric Heating Pad. This full-body heating wrap can be used for any part of your body, and treat muscles in your back, neck and shoulders, legs, and feet. It also promotes blood flow – and most importantly – keeps you warm. It comes with a life time warranty and service.
Reviews: Buyers love the large size and the automatic 2-hour shut-off feature. It is very versatile – people even use it as a mat and keep it below the desk.

#4: Happy Heat Electric Foot Warmer

Happy Heat Electric Feet Warmers for Men, Cordless Heated Foot Warmer – Portable Heating Foot Warmer, Auto Shut-Off, Anti-Slip Sole- Grey

Why not bring an electric foot warmer like The Happy Heat Foot Warmer to bed? This warmer will help relieve cold feed, swollen or dry feet, and even chronic foot pain. The foot warmer contains an enclosed pocket with water. Plug it in – it will preheat for 12-15 minutes, then unplug – and enjoy for hours. No messing with cords!
Reviews: Buyers love the preheat option, that makes the foot warmer cord-free. The fabric is washable – another appreciated option.

#5: Bring a Hot Water Bottle to Bed

Hot Water Bottle with Soft Premium Cover - 1.8L Large - Classic Hot Water Bag for Pain Relief, Cramps, Cozy Nights - Feet and Bed Warmer - Water Heating Pad...

Why not bring a hot water bottle like the Covered Qomfor Bottle to bed. The bottle can be filled with hot water and will keep you warm for hours. The bottle has a faux fur cover and comes with a wide mouth easy to fill.

#6: Microwaveable Foot Booties

Mars Wellness Heated Microwaveable Foot Booties - Herbal Hot/Cold Deep Penetrating Herbal Aromatherapy Wrap Warmer (Mauve)

You can also bring microwaveable foot warmers like Mars Heated Foot Warmers to bed. The foot warmer booties will heat in minutes in the microwave. These foot warmers and are perfect for pain release or stress relief, and are praised in reviews for being soft and comfortable.

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What to look for when choosing the right foot warmer to bring to bed

Type of warmer: Do you want a regular heating pad or and enclosed foot warmer? It depends on the way you want to bring it to bed, and how many body parts you want to treat with it.

Connecting cords: Does the foot warmers have a connecting cord (electric)? The cords will make it harder for you to move your legs in the foot warmers. Note: The cord might not be an issue once you are lying down, and has the advantage of keeping a constant heat as long as the unit is on.

Size: Size matters on some types of foot warmers, which has to do with the fit. Most foot warmers come in a larger one-for-all. This can prevent small feet from having a tight fit. Some heating pads are even large anough for 2 pair of feet.

Heat duration: The microwaveable foot warmers will only last a certain while, the heated water warmers as well – typically is 15-60 minutes. The electric ones will of course last as long as you need them to. It depends on your condition and how long you need to heat to last, and if you mind the cords.

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