The Best And Most Popular Poop Bags for your Dog

If you have a dog, you take it on walks. And for walks, you need poop bags. Lots of poop bags. Earth-friendly, strong, leak-free poop bags.

In this collection our dog-loving wefoundthebest editor has carefully curated a selection of the best selling and highest rated dog poop bags right now.

#1: Amazon Basics Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser

Amazon Basics Unscented Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip, 13 x 9 Inches, Green - Pack of 270 (18 Rolls)

First, consider the Amazon Basics poop bags. It’s a good, affordable choice, and there’s a large variety of pack sizes to choose from depending on your need. They come with a plastic dispenser

#2: Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags, Extra Thick and Strong

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags, Extra Thick and Strong

Earth rated dog poop bags are popular for working with animal shelters and being made from recycled materials, yet strong and leak-free. They are also not your most affordable option. They come scented or un-scented to suit your preference. Earth rated also make a popular Leash dispenser.

#3: Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags

Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags

A cute option are the Best Pet Supplies Poop Bags. Beautifully designed yet leak-proof makes clearing the mess an easy task. They are ultra thin, so make sure that’s not a problem.

#4: Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

These Doggy Do Good poop bags pride themselves on being bio-degradable and certified compostable. This US-made earth friendly option is a popular choice, and will degrade in about 90 days. They are also known for being quite durable.

#5: Greener Walker Poop Bags

Greener Walker Poop Bags for Dog Waste

These Greener Walker Bags also claim to be bio-degradable and earth-friendly, made from recycled materials. They are liked for being quite thick and roomy with a pleasant scent. They come as 270, 360, 450 or 540 bags. Each roll will fit a standard size dispenser.

#6: Arm & Hammer Easy-Tie Waste Bags

Arm & Hammer 71041 Easy-Tie Waste Bags, Blue

The Arm & Hammer bags contain activated baking soda to provide extra odor control, and are easily tied.

#7: Pet N Pet bags

PET N PET Dog Poop Bags Large Dog Waste Bags Earth-Friendly Poop Bags for Dog 1080 Counts Dog Poop Bag Unscented Doggie Bags Black Color

If you need a lot of great bags, consider Pet-N-Pet bags. You can get this set totalling 1080 bags in black, green or red, and is an affordable yet environmentally friendly option. In reviews, buyers recommend these for being great bags at a great price.

#8: Bonus: A good scooper


As a bonus, consider a good pooper scooper. This living express scooper is durable and highly rated by buyers. Of course, you don’t brings this on walks, but it comes really handy around the garden and yard.

What matters when you buy poop bags for dogs

Dispenser included: Consider whether you need the plastic dispenser that is sometimes included with poop bags. Often the quality is not that great, but it’s quite practical, so if you don’t have a dispenser yet that clips to your clothing or line, consider that.

Strong and leak-free: Check reviews to learn if the bags are really as strong and leak-free as they naturally need to be.

Bio degradable: To some people, bio degradable bags matter. This is typically made with an EPI additive on the bag. These bags are also more expensive, and can be thinner, so make sure to check reviews to learn if the bags are durable enough.

Recycled: Another factor that matters in terms of being earth-friendly is the amount of recycled materials the bags are made from.

Don’t buy bags that do not perform well in user reviews. Buy large lots only if you vouch for them.


Bag dimensions: Most poop bags are around 9 x 13 inches. Make sure that the size fits your dispenser, if you already have one.

Scented or unscented: Some dog walkers prefer scented bags. We are not sure if this really matters in the long run. Some left-overs are very stinky!

Easy tie: Make sure the poop bag easily ties a good secure knot.

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